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Katie Grace Ruri

After graduation I went to BYU. I majored in Nursing and graduated in 2010. I took a break halfway through to serve a mission in Bilbao Spain. After my mission and graduating from BYU, I moved to Boston and LOVED my New England experience. I worked as a home health nurse and then as a school nurse in a private Catholic school. After two years in Boston, I moved to Austin, Texas to take a job as a nurse in an Emergency Department. In Austin I met Adam Ruri from Upper Hutt, New Zealand and we were married in November of 2012 in the Salt Lake temple. We both worked full-time in Austin until our baby boy, Jack, was born December 23, 2013 and I quit my job and we moved back to Utah to be closer to family while Adam has to travel a lot for his job. We are currently both planning on going back to school this fall–me to pursue a Nurse Practitioner degree and Adam to get his MBA. We are enjoying getting the hang of this parenting thing and travelling around the country and world.

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